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Foshan Hollin Furniture Co.,Ltd is the leading supplier of Office Furniture and Home Office Furniture. We are located in Foshan City China, well known as " the Hometown of Furniture". 1. We have over 40,000㎡ of factory workshop and over 500 employees. 2. With more than 20 years of furniture experience, we have strong capacity and R&D resources to develop and manufacture OEM and ODM standing desks. 3. We have advanced automated production equipment, testing laboratory facilities and highly trained professional inspection teams. We are specialized in smart furniture such as home office standing desks, smart desk, height Adjustable Desk, smart Coffee table, Electric desk... which are in stock for fast shipping. Welcome to send inquiry for learning more information. We have our brands "Wework" and "Home&Office". "Wework" - To Improve Working Environment and Enjoy Comfortable Life, is specialized in Office Furniture, including 3 Series: Office Standing Desk Series, Ergonomic Height Adjustable Desk Series, Smart Table Desk Series. "Home&Office"- To Provide Integrated Solution of Furniture for SOHO Space, is focus on Home Office Furniture, including Ergonomic Computer Chair, Computer Desk, Overside Tables. We export our products to USA, Europe, Asia, Middle East etc. We have good cooperation with Office Depot., Office Warehouse, Homepro....
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  • The harm of excessive 1. Fat Sitting for a long time all the day, the caloric intake more than consumption. 2. Memory Deterioration Excessive sitting will slowdown your blood circulation and thus the insufficient blood supplying to the brain. 3. Lumbar Spondylosis Keep sitting for a long time, the weight of the body pressure at the bottom of the spine, plus the shoulder and neck for a long time of inactivity, easy to cause cervical stiffness, even lead to vertebral deformation and induce arched back and bone hyperplane 4. Inappetence Sedentary lack of systemic movement, will make gastrointestinal peristalsis weakened, digestive fluid secretion is reduced, a long time will appear inappetizing, dyspepsia and fullness and other symptoms. 5. Gynaecopathia Many women suffer from cervical problems not because of poor hygiene but because of sitting too long. Sitting will interfere with the generation of immune cells, resulting in decreased resistance, coupled with poor blood circulation, easy to cause cervical inflammation and other gynecological diseases It`s time to change your working style. A good standing desk can help you to solve the problem. Hollin Furniture focus on standing desk for many years, let us help you to match the best product for you.
  • Smoking is already bad for people's health, `the new smoking`also. Sitting at a desk for long periods of time can be bad for human health. So long time sitting has become widely known as `the new smoking' ! Of course, this refers to the broader car-commuting, desk-bound, TV-watching lifestyle-rather than the simple act of sitting-but you get the idea. Still, with more of us than ever working, at least some of the time, at a desk and increasingly from home, it`s a good idea to reduce the amount of time we spend parked in a seat. Studies have also shown, though, that standing for too long is no better; putting excessive force through the knees, hips, thighs and ankles. So, what`s the solution? Well, simply put, maintaining any static position throughout the day isn`t good. Our bodies have adapted to suit more movement. One easy way is alternate sitting and standing beside your desk during your working or leisure time. Know more desks from:
  • 1. When you`re standing, blood circulation is better throughout the body, your body can get more oxygen and energy. You will feel full of power. 2. Stand-working can help you focus on your work, you will have sense of urgency. 3. When standing, open the meridians of the whole body, the energy of the whole body naturally flows, make the body more healthy. 4. When you stand, you become more alert and think more clearly. 5. When standing, can let oneself more sober, thinking more clear when standing, the spine is upright, will not bend hunchback, maintain a good body shape, maintain a good figure, but also can prevent myopia 6. Let you have more time to rest, before sitting at work, do for a long time, are numb, do not know that they should rest, when you stand tired, you will have a feeling, tell yourself that it is time to rest, this will also improve their efficiency. Healthy work, healthy life. Let Hollin Furniture help you to chose the right desk, then change your life style. You can get a health working environment and better life.
  • One of the hottest ergonomic questions right now is "How tall should a standing desk be?" When it comes to the height of a standing desk work surface, ergonomics recommend a certain desk height based on a person's overall height, but everyone's height will vary. One person's humerus may be longer than another's, even if they are the same height. For this reason, the correct standing desk position varies from person to person. The right height for a standing desk also depends on the type of work you'll be doing. Most height recommendations apply to typical office jobs, such as computer work. However, if you are involved in close-up work such as modeling, you will naturally need to adjust the optimal table height for better vision and control. For heavy work like carpentry, you'll want to adjust the optimal bench height down. To more precisely accommodate the height of your standing desk, try these steps: Wear comfortable shoes that you would wear when using your desk. If you're standing on an anti-fatigue mat, make sure it's in place when you measure. Stand upright at your desk, extend your hands down, and bend your arms at your elbows so that they are at a 90-degree angle to the floor. Take the keyboard height into account by adjusting the desktop height to be slightly lower than your elbows. After adjusting the desktop height, adjust the monitor height to prevent eye strain and neck strain. In most cases, it's best to place the monitor at the top of the screen just below eye level and tilt it up 10 degrees. If you wear glasses, move the monitor a little lower for best results. Position the monitor so that the screen is at a comfortable arm length with your face to prevent neck and shoulder strain. The ideal distance is usually between 20 and 40 inches, depending on the monitor size. Once you try it, check your comfort level! Comfort is your best guide, so if you find yourself uncomfortable at the end of the day, make adjustments. If you use an adjustable standing desk all day, finding the sweet spot makes a big difference. The goal is to maintain proper posture and prevent stress that can spread. An on-site ergonomic assessment can provide more targeted recommendations for fine-tuning your adjustments.
  • With the development of teleconference and collaborative office application software,and the normalization of prevention and control of COVID-19,the boundary between home and office has become increasingly blurred. At present, the "3+2" mixed office mode (five-day working week, allowing employees to choose 1-2 days of remote office) is being tried out in some domestic enterprises. For home furnishing enterprises, how to adapt to the new office trend, re-examine the design and application of space,and create a more flexible and systematic office and home experience has become an urgent question to be answered. For consumers, how can household products that focus on home office, mixed office and other selling points gain their favor? In his book Cubicle:The Evolution of The Office, Nigel Savar predicted that by 2020,freelancers,temporary employees,daily wage workers and independent contractors will account for 40% or even 50% of the labor market according to the trend of Internet popularization. In other words, the number of people who stay in the office to deal with affairs will gradually decrease. On the contrary, more and more people will stay at home to deal with affairs. The home office may be the future trend of the office. Today, these predictions are becoming a reality. In February this year, the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released the 49th statistical report on the development of China's Internet. It showed that by December 2021, the number of online office users had reached 469 million. At the same time, the COVID-19 has also accelerated the employees' coming out of the lattice. The 2021 China office space survey report by Gensler, a well-known architecture firm, surveyed more than 3000 professionals. The results showed that 99% of the respondents said that they worked full-time in the company, or adopted the mixed office mode to flexibly switch between the company and various office locations. The rise of the above-mentioned office methods has given birth to a new office ecology, and the boundary between home and office space has become increasingly vague. More and more consumers realize that diversified Office methods need different office facilities and furniture to support them. Office furniture with multi-function, mobility and space utilization is attracting their attention. When searching social media and e-commerce platforms, it is not difficult to find that the lift table is one of the most frequently mentioned home office goods. In addition to raising and lowering the height, standing and sitting alternately to meet the needs of different users, such products also have the functions of home appliance linkage, sedentary reminder, wireless charging and so on, which are favored by consumers. In the future, the clear boundary between office and self use will be gradually blurred. Furniture brands with the ability of cross domain collaboration will certainly take the lead in occupying this business opportunity. Naturally, this also puts forward higher requirements for the product design and operation of office furniture enterprises. In terms of product design, it will be a new challenge for designers and furniture brands to integrate the design advantages of these two fields to create high-quality products and more flexible and systematic office and home experience. On the other hand, compared with self use furniture, office furniture has always been a market with low attention and asymmetric information. Consumers often face channel agents rather than manufacturers. Under the mixed office trend, how the office furniture enterprises succeed also involves the supply chain problem. The supply side here covers a wider range. It is not only to provide furniture products suitable for the market demand, but also to provide a series of complete supply chains such as design, R&D, manufacturing, sales, promotion and logistics. Whether they are ready to meet the new market needs to be answered by enterprises and industries.
  • How to use a standing desk correctly Part 2 Pay attention to your posture How Keep your neck straight and your shoulders relaxed. Be sure to stand with slightly bent knees to avoid overstretching or locking joints. why "Good posture is also known as a neutral spine. When we maintain good posture, the muscles around the spine balance and support the body equally, "says Nina Strang, a physical therapist and strengthening and conditioning specialist at the University of Michigan. Most back pain can be attributed to sedentary habits and poor posture. Applying these suggestions will reduce the harm to your body. Keep your wrists straight and parallel to the table How to The final adjustment is to make sure your wrist remains neutral: Your fingers can drop to touch the keyboard, but your wrist should not lean up or down. why Repeated extension and flexion (up and down) of the wrist can compress the internal structure of the wrist and increase the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • How to use a standing desk correctly Part 1 To take full advantage of the health benefits of the standing desk, it's important to customize your workspace to suit your body's needs. From an outsider's perspective, using a standing desk properly seems easy: You stand. You work. You repeat. Ergonomics. However, is not an exact science because everyone's body is different. The optimal height for your desk is different for you than for everyone else, and that's a good thing! Let's review how to use a standing desk setup! While standing -- Always adjust the standing desk to elbow level How to Bend your elbows at a 90-degree Angle, keeping your neck neutral and your wrists straight in front of you. Lift or lower a standing desk so that your forearms are parallel to the desk. Your hands should float on the keyboard with your wrists straight and relaxed. Your fingers can drop down to touch the keyboard, but your wrist position should not tilt up or down. why These tips are designed to prevent injuries and health problems to your arms and hands from working in bad posture for long periods of time.
  • Do you know? At the inaugural meeting of the World Spine Health Alliance in 2011, representatives from 16 countries and regions proposed that May 21th be the World Spine Health Day. The spine is a very important part of our human body, known as the "second lifeline" of human beings. However, with the continuous acceleration of the pace of modern society, our work and life are becoming more and more busy, and many people have problems related to the spine, which affects our quality of life. Taking advantage of the World Spine Day, Hollin Furniture will share some health knowledge related to the spine to you. 1. When we stand, the spine bears 100% of the weight of the human body; When we sit, the spine bears 150% of the body's weight; When we lie down, the spine bears 25% of the body's weight; When we bend over, the spine is the most stressed and bears 250% of the body's weight. So any of our daily movements will bring different degrees of pressure to the spine. 2. According to WHO research, sitting for a long time is one of the four leading causes of death in the lifestyle. Nearly 2 million deaths worldwide are related to sitting for a long time every year. People who sit for more than 4 hours a day are 80% more likely to die from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases than those who sit for less than 2 hours a day. 3. For sedentary people, because the cervical ligaments, tendons and tendon sheaths cannot be relaxed for a long time, it is easy to form cervical bone hyperplasia, calcification and ossification of the cervical ligaments, and the cervical spine becomes stiff and straight, resulting in different types of shoulder and neck discomfort. To avoid the harm of sitting for a long time, Hollin Furniture suggests sitting and standing alternately: after sitting for a period of time, get up and move. Sit and stand alternately at home or at work. A study on the workplace pointed out that height-adjustable desks facilitate alternating between sitting and standing, which not only helps reduce sedentary or standing behavior, alleviates the harm caused by prolonged sitting, improves physical and mental health, but also helps focus and be more productive. The glass standing desk of Hollin Furniture can easily achieve the alternation of sitting and standing with one key. It also has 4 memory heights, which is suitable for various scenarios such as working, dining, and gaming, which is beneficial to take care of our spine health.
  • In recent years, E-sports games have been favored by many young people and have become an entertainment for the younger generation. According to a report, in 2021, the scale of China's E-sports market exceeded 165 billion RMB, and the overall scale of China's E-sports users exceeded 500million. It can be seen that the development space of E-sports market is huge. With the popularity of E-sports games, more and more people begin to pay attention to the equipment or facilities related to E-sports. As E-sports games take a long time and require people to sit at computer desks for a long time, it is easy to cause some health problems, such as low back pain, shoulder pain, obesity, etc. Therefore, many experts suggest that we should sit and stand alternately to avoid sitting still for a long time. Now, Hollin Furniture recommends a new standing desk-Corner Game Standing Desk. This standing desk adopts double motors, and the lifting speed is 40mm/s. It only takes about 12 seconds to rise from the lowest to the highest. After drinking a drink, you can quickly switch between sitting and standing positions. The lifting range is 71-117cm, which is suitable for children, young people, the elderly and other people of various heights. 4 Memory heights, one button switching, suitable for standing, playing games, dining and other scenes. 1600MM large desktop with corners, making full use of space and placing more items. The desktop is made of carbon fiber, which is not only beautiful, but also durable and easy to clean. And the frame is made of cold rolled steel, which is firm, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, and it is not easy to shake when lifting.
  • Having a standing desk, or even a sit stand desk, can make it easier to do more activities throughout the day. But do you know their pros and cons? Pros The main benefit of using a standing desk is that it helps reduce your likelihood of serious health problems. Studies have shown that sitting for long periods of time is associated with health problems such as obesity, shoulder pain, and back pain. Sitting down for eight hours or more a day is not good for our bodies. Working at a standing desk every day greatly reduces the risk of these diseases. Not only that, but a standing desk is great for helping you burn more calories throughout the day. Even small movements like shifting your weight between your feet, fidgeting, and walking around can help you burn more calories. Switching from sitting to standing while working at a desk is an easy change to make. By making this change, you'll reap some noticeable benefits that are good for your physical and mental health and even boost your overall well-being. Cons Arguably the biggest disadvantage of a standing desk is the cost. Regular desks are only around $100-$200, while standing desks can cost twice as much. Despite all the benefits a standing desk offers, if it's a lot out of your budget, it might not be a very reasonable option. Because these tables are often full of moving mechanical parts, they are at risk of damage. Even the best standing desks can face this problem.
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